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Extremely pleased with my results thus far and I’ve only had 2 appointments!! It’s very clean, relaxing and professional! Can’t wait to go back!!


Who knew that body contouring was a spa-like experience? From Natalie’s impeccable bedside manner to the professional non-invasive results I received, I am absolutely thrilled! Whether you just want to tone and tighten for yourself for the beach or to compete in a bikini or fitness show, Natalie can certainly get you ready! I am a huge fan and talk about my experience to others. She gets 5 stars! Thank you, Natalie!


I had such a great experience at Body Contour of the Carolinas. With just a few treatments to my abs and flanks area, not only did I lose several inches of fat, but my puckered, lose skin around my belly button tightened so much. Having kids had wrecked my lower stomach area and now I can feel confident in a 2-piece bikini again!

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